About Viticultural Innovations

Great Estates are created on the back of Great Vineyards!

Great vineyards are the culmination of hard work, ingenuity and a lot of great people working behind the scenes.  At Viticultural Innovations we strive to provide our clients with a comprehensive and holistic vineyard management service that enables them to make their mark in this highly competitive industry.

Unique Organisational Structure

Viticultural Innovations unique organizational structure means that we can offer a variety of management packages, from a comprehensive, full-management approach using all our own labour, machinery and administrative systems, to a shared arrangement that allows the vineyard owners as much or as little input in the day-to-day operations as they wish.  Viticultural Innovations always seeks to collaborate directly with the owners in order to find the best fit for them.

Utilising the resources of our sister companies, Labour Solutions Contract Hire and Labour Solutions Machinery Contractors, we have instant access to our own proven teams of contract labour, as well as to a large fleet of machinery operated by experienced in-house personnel. 

The combination of reliable, flexible and appropriately resourced people allow us to tailor a vineyard’s fruit to meet the wine specifications of each of our clients, while providing unparalleled cost & time efficiencies for your vineyard.  

Flexible Pricing Arrangements

We currently manage sites ranging in size from 2 to 65 hectares.  Our progressive and flexible management team offers several pricing options to suit each client’s particular needs.  These include a fixed price per hectare option or alternatively a management fee with direct on-bill of costs.  Both options come with a clear set of services and an itemised budget listing all billable costs. 

Services Offered

Based from our office at 24 Fearn Avenue, Margaret River, Viticultural Innovations offers a full complement of services including:

  • Full Financial and administration operations
  • Fully Independent Viticultural Consulting
  • Integrated Pest Management and all Technical Services
  • Arranging fruit/winery contracts
  • Ability to purchase bulk amounts of our client's fruit
  • Development & Re-development of vineyards
  • All aspects of Vineyard Management such as:
    • Pruning Specifications
    • Canopy Management
    • Soil and Ground Management
    • Pest & Disease Control
    • Nutrition Requirements
    • Harvest Logistics
    • Estate Maintenance
    • Irrigation Program & Maintenance

Please review our Margaret River Vineyard Services & Management page for more information regarding these services and additional management features.

Our Office

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