Vineyard Services and Management

Something all talented winemakers have in common is a desire for the best quality fruit a particular vineyard can summon. The management service we provide at Viticultural Innovations guarantees our clients that their vineyard will consistently produce fruit which is the best expression of their site’s potential.

We work closely with our clients to develop and refine a management program tailored to their specific vineyard. Our strength is dealing in the detail of running a vineyard so that all levels of your organisation are informed – from owner to accountant to winemaker.

Management Services


  • Formulation of management program tailored to fit clients vineyard and desired level of involvement in its operation.
  • Budget and strategic planning to ensure vineyard management and operations are in line with specified vineyard budgets.
  • Assistance negotiating with wineries on matters such as fruit contracts, varietal style and cropping techniques.
  • Pre-purchase feasibility analysis of prospective site - financial and technical.


  • Expert consultants specialising in areas such as vine health, canopy management, irrigation management, vine nutrition, spray programs, pest and disease management, petiole analyses, crop yield estimates, maturity sampling and ground preparation.
  • Teams of reliable and experienced vineyard workers and supervisors available to fulfil any labour requirements.
  • All machinery requirements, including experienced operators.
  • General property management, including security for all sites.
  • Permanent on-site manager
  • Vineyard site development to turnkey and expansion of current cultivation


  • All facets of the vineyard's financial operation, including payroll, time-billing, tax compliance and all employee reconciliations.
  • Compliance with all national and international health and safety regulations, including the use of chemical sprays.
  • Responsibility for all insurances relating to the vineyard, including public liability and worker’s compensation for all our workers.

Sale of Fruit

Our contacts within the industry means that none of the vineyards we currently manage are ever left with any surplus fruit they are unable to sell. We can guarantee the sale of any of our managed clients fruit at more than competitive prices.

Professional Vineyard Management in Margaret River

Based from our office at 24 Fearn Avenue, Margaret River, Viticultural Innovations provides comprehensive management service to a range of clients, from small family-owned vineyards to large corporate estates. We are structured so that our clients can choose to have as much or as little participation in their vineyards as they wish. We liaise with all relevant parties, from vineyard owner to project coordinator to viticulturist to winemaker, in order to meet the client’s desired outcomes and budget.

Our experience, attention to detail, extensive in-house resources and contacts within the industry provides each of our clients with the very best management service for their vineyard. Our management team will strive to ensure that the customised service plan we develop meets the client’s standards and budget requirements.

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